Binkhorst Management


The basis for a successful future

Your decisions for growth, for acquisitions and investments, or for the appointment of a senior executive, are consequential to your corporate strategy. If your strategy is incoherent, so will your important decisions be. Before you take important decisions, I invite you to discuss your strategy, acting as a touchstone, weighing your organisation and its philosophy. In that process we look a.o. at:

  • Market developments
  • Your market position, currently and in five years from now
  • Your growth strategy; autonomous, acquisitions, alliances
  • What do you need to achieve and manage the growth
  • What challenges can you expect and how will you overcome
  • Is your organisation ready for it; can you call on adequate skills

If you have not yet formulated your corporate objectives and strategy, or in case these have to be redefined I will be glad to assist.

For further information, please contact Dick (D.H.) Binkhorst via or Mobile +31 6 22957900